Two distinctly different works

By on October 18, 2016

Royal Ballet show their span over a loaded night with two contrasting works. 1800’s icon August Bournonville ballet newly discovered Ponte Molle and Sharon Eyals success as at its premiere in 2014 was described as “a proof that dance is the ultimate performing arts“. Based on Bournonville 150 years old notes have the piece been reconstructed by Frank Andersen and Dinna Bjørn. Something as unique as a completely new Bournonville ballet has been created. Premiere October 21 at 19:00.

August Bournonville was ballet director of the Royal Ballet in Copenhagen in the early 1800s and established there a very own style. In a few years Bournonville was also active at the Royal Opera, and his works Sylfiden is one of the ballet world’s most appreciated.

Ponte Molle or “Et Kunstersgilde in Rome” is one of Bournonville’s ballets genuine vaudeville. A charming piece of cultural history that portrays the life of young artists in Rome in the mid-1800s. Here fantasize Bournonville both of ancient Rome, which over the romantic artist’s life and folklore and its grotesque figures and also contrasts with the exotic to the national expressions.

Theatrical and choreographic new creation after August Bournonville: Frank Andersen & Dinna Bjørn
Music: Vilhelm Christian Holm, Andreas Frederik Lincke, Lauritz Wilhelm Theodor Carlsen & Franz Xaver Neruda
Set and costumes: Marie ì Dali
Lighting: Erik Berglund
Conductor: Henrik Vagn Christensen
The Royal Ballet
Royal Opera Orchestra

A distinct step into contemporary double current choreographer Sharon Eyal and her super modern works Bill. Sensual, cool and dramatic. Eyal has a background in Batsheva Dance Company and currently runs its own renowned dance company on a worldwide basis.

There are several influences in Eyals works, ranging from classical ballet to modern expressions. The Bill is life itself the source of inspiration: moments of joy, sorrow and fear. People and their dreams. Bill had its premiere at the Opera House in 2014 and was met with glowing reviews

Choreography, set design, costumes: Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar
Music: Ori Lichtik
Lighting: Avi Yona Bueno

Opera podcast

The perspective is breathtaking. On one and the same night plays the Royal Ballet a rediscovery ballet from the mid-1800s along with a dance performance that is squeaking modern. From August Bournonvilles Ponte Molle to Sharon Eyals Bill.
Host Sofia Nyblom tells among other things, why Bournonville era lies her special dear to the heart. Participating in this podcast doing ballet dancer Nathalie Nordquist and Daniel Norgren-Jensen, choreographer Dinna Bjørn and ballet manager Johannes Öhman.

Royal Ballet both preserve history and create new, says Nathalie Nordquist.

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