Tremonti to Sweden

By on October 1, 2018

Mark Tremonti is the voice behind Creed and Alter Bridge – and with Tremonti has taken the next step in his impressive career. The band is current with its fifth album, “A Dying Machine” – with accompanying book (!) that tie together the story from the album. At the Fryshuset on November 19th, however, the music is becoming the focus and not the literature!

“Guitarist of the Year “three times by Guitar World Magazine – it tells about the characteristics of Mark Tremonti as a guitarist. As a singer, he is at least as skilled and the latest (concept) album” A Dying Machine “is a great example of an extraordinary textual writing.

“A Dying Machine offers the band’s most well-rounded record to date. It’s also their best.” – says Loudwire about the album, which is the fourth of the band in the order – and according to many: the very best.
The accompanying book develops the story told to the album and the combination of the two is something very special. Loudwire continues:
“It’s a great listen from a musical perspective and one that will be enhanced when fans are able to dig into the book.”

Now we look forward to take part of Tremonti’s song tax in Sweden again – November 19th at Fryshuset in Stockholm!

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm