Travel | Unique color illuminated snow park enhances the experience in Åre

By on December 3, 2015

In collaboration with Philips TV is launched lighting in changing colors in Åre Ambilight Snow Park. There will be a new and unique experience for this year skiers and enables open in the evening in the park for the first time.

Last year released the Philips television‘s popular film Afterglow, which showed skiers get down Alaska’s high mountains at night surrounded by stunning color lighting. The film was shown millions of times and received several awards. Now, Philips TV re-create a similar experience for Åre skiers in the form of Ambilight garden – an evening snow park with LED lighting in several colors.
The lighting is inspired by the Philips TV’s unique Ambilight technology, which projects the light and color of the wall behind the TV to match the colors on the screen. Ambilight creates a better experience for the TV viewer. Now SkiStar and Philips TV wants to enhance the experience on the slopes for skiers this year.
-We wanted to take the amazing experience you get with Ambilight to skiers in Åre. We think it will be a truly magical experience and something they have never experienced before, says PerÅke Broman, marketing manager at Philips TV.
Same Philips LED lights that illuminate Kaknästornet and the Empire State Building will be located throughout the park with lighting in changing colors. There will also be lit boxes and rails.
-The Unique lighting allows us to keep the park open at night, so the skiers in Åre will experience a totally unique form of night skiing with stunning lighting, says Björn Broström, marketing manager at SkiStar Åre.
Ambilight Garden is part of the ski area Ambilight Snow Park, and is open Monday evenings and Friday evenings. On December 11, at 18.00 is held a grand opening ceremony where skiers can win great prizes, including an Ambilight TV and Åre season ski pass.
Just like last year, Philips TVs will be in place in Åre Ambilight Snowpark day and night to provide rest for the tired skier’s legs and free WiFi in its Ambilight hangout. There you can get the chance to check out the latest Philips TVs with Ambilight.