Travel | Premiere of Rosa buses travel with hike on the John Bauer trail

By on June 27, 2016

In true Rosa Bussarna spirit, we travel to Jönköping to hike the John Bauer trail. The departure is on Friday July 1 and we will have roof teams who raise ceiling and the food team fixes dinner, we socialize and prepares for weekend hiking.

For those of you who do not live by the E4 (StockholmHuskvarna) can of course join in Huskvarna and be on the trek and live on the bus.

After breakfast on Saturday begin the walk at the John Bauer trail. It is about 2.5 mil to be done by foot. The stage ends at the lake Bunn where our pink bus will be waiting. Depending on the weather, it will be the opportunity for a dip in the lake Bunn and maybe a cool drink on the dock. It is also possible to rent boats and canoes.

After breakfast on Sunday, it remains about 2.5 mil before you reach Gränna camping. If you do not want to wander further it is possible to go on the boat trip Trolska from Bunn to Bunnström about 2.5 hours and just walk the last km to Gränna. Experience the magical environment of Bunn, Ören and the channels (must be booked in advance). It is possible to take a shower on arrival to Gränna and we eat dinner together before leaving for home. We expect to arrive in Stockholm at approx. 20.30.

The price of the trip will depend on how many trips with Rosa buses that you made, the more trips you make, the cheaper gets the trip. You can even earn on the trip if it is so that you traveled with us enough times 🙂.

The trip costs:

SEK 850: For you who have not gone with Rosa buses before (remember that travel within Sweden does not count in this case)

SEK 300: For you who have gone 1-4 trips

SEK 100: For you who have gone 5-7 trips

SEK 50: For those who have gone 8-10 trips

-50 Kr: Have you gone more than 10 trips with us then click this option. This actually means that you get 50 kr of us :). You get your money on departure.