Travel | Pink Buses giving away trips in the summer!

By on May 26, 2016

Many people want to go abroad in the summer but everyone can not afford. Therefore gives Pink Buses away a summer traveling in Europe to a family that can not afford to pay themselves.

Travelling is about to grow, develop and deepen their knowledge of the world and other people. Pink Buses has offered trips to all over the world in more than 45 years. Over the years many travelers experienced the adventure and have memories for life.

Anders Eriksson, CEO and founder of the Pink Buses, gives a family the opportunity to travel even if they lack the economic conditions.

This summer, Pink Buses travels to both Eastern and Western Europe. In Eastern Europe, the tour goes undetected for example by Macedonia, Albania exciting and beautiful Croatia. In Western Europe, the bus rolls including through the French countryside, through the barren Portuguese coast down to the monkeys on the rock of Gibraltar.

The families who can not afford to pay themselves a summer trip has been asked to write a letter to Rosa buses’ office, tell us about the life situation and why they want to go on one of these summer trips:




Now is a family appointed and Rosa buses hope they will have the same fun as all other travelers in the summer when the bus trips to Europe starts.

It may be difficult to bring children under 6 years on trips because it is not specific child travels. Most traveling with Pink Buses is between 20-60 years, but everyone is welcome if you have your health and the desire to travel, discover new things and get to know other people.