Transit/Välitila – Ms. Finland’s 100th party

By on November 12, 2017

Transit/Välitila is an art event that wants to celebrate Finland’s 100th anniversary by showing art by people who have two cultures in their luggage but who have Finnishness as a common denominator.

The project group has involved artists who have all undergone the change process that occurs when encountering new habits and behaviors and values other than those they bring from their upbringing. The aim is to show a multifaceted image of different relations with Finland, the Fatherland and the new homeland and to display different “Finnish art” and, above all, tell us about the use of art in its integration process.

During the Art Event, Finnish, Ingerman, Latvian and Karelian artists, now resident in Finland, meet Swede-Finnish artists and artists in an art exhibition with accompanying events in Väsby Konsthall and the Messingen Cultural Center in Upplands Väsby. During the exhibition time, the children’s performance “Uusi Teatteri”, specially composed for the anniversary year, folk music performance with Anna Fält, is presented, and we are visited by the author Maarit Turtiainen, who tells about Swedish-language literature at a lecture. There will also be offered workshops in folk songs and creative writing.

The art exhibition takes the entire Art Hall in claim with the Transit/Välitila artist group together with the exhibition ”Vardagens Alkemi” by Jaana Partanen. We show graphics, oil paintings, photographs, installations, digital art, wax paintings and films.

Contributing artists:

From Finland:

Age-Elisa Riekkinen, Olga Malytcheva, Valeri Nuija and Jaana Partanen (with own exhibition)

From Sweden:

Sinikka Hämäläinen, Salla Vartiainen and Sarianna Kranz

Artists and writers: Anna Fält, Uusi Teatteri and Maarit Turtiainen

The art event has been produced with support from: The National Cultural Council, Stockholm County Cultural Management and the Swedish and Finnish Cultural Fund.

Art event is also part of the official program Finland 100 years. You can also find us on the Finnish Government’s website

We have collaborated with Upplands Väsby Finnish administrative area, Väsby Library and Väsby Konsthall, as well as Kulturhuset Messingen in front of the opening.

More about the project can be found here>>

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Väsby