Training Weekend Happy Camp May 19 to 21

By on April 7, 2017

Welcome to a wonderful training and inspiration weekend under the guidance of the 8877 Activity. Here’s your chance to try new forms of exercise, immerse yourself in something you already passionate about, find motivation, goal setting, recharge energy. Moreover meet and coached by the likes of martial artists and world champion Rickard Nordstrand.

Be a Happy Camper; Friday-Sunday, 19-21 May! This lovely weekend packages is for everyone who likes to move around and be out in the fresh air.

Functional training, running, martial arts for all, team activity – including in military obstacle course, yoga, flexibility training and motivation lecture. Good food and drink, bath, sauna, relaxation. Outdoor gym. Perhaps beach volleyball and canoeing.

Instructors and lecturers in place;

Rickard Nordstrand (martial arts for everyone), Michael Johansson (Running), 8877 (functional training, movement, yoga, etc.). Lecturer; Mia Hultman.

Read more about the weekend and the instructors here >>

Tip! Book well in advance. Seats are limited.