Training | Music for the exercise at Friskis & Svettis

By on January 8, 2016

Music is an natural part of all training at Friskis & Svettis and the supporting contents of The Amazing Society’s new campaign for the brand. The campaign will convey that music is an integral part of all training at Friskis and pushing for many with music’s help can find the bustle of everyday life. The campaign is launched mobile and digitally in own and bought channels in early January.

From the spring of 2016 The Amazing Society responsibility for Friskis & Svettis common market. Already becoming visible. And heard.
Music is the carrying message to strengthen the brand in the campaign and in the tactic includes also to succeed in recruiting new members. Because music is for many an important inspiration already on the way to training, and not least during it. In the campaign gives visitors guidance to their training place with the right track list.
With the right playlist in the headphones you can deliver that extra edge and that music is an important part of the training at Friskis we now lift in the organization’s communications digitally, says Tobias Franzén, CEO of The Amazing Society.

All Friskis & Svettis coaches are trained in how music affects the training experience. Half of the time it takes Friskis & Svettis leaders to develop a new workout is placed on finding the right music. They are always looking for a beat and a melody that makes sure everything is correct and that together with the movement creates strong, big emotions and gives the training a total experience.
That the breadth of the music are often located far from traditional workout music is because we have more than 500 000 members music tastes that take into account and that Friskis more than 7000 coaches take music mission seriously, says Ingrid Hammarberg, responsible Friskis & Svettis communication development.

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