Tower of Power to Sweden!

By on August 25, 2017

For almost fifty years, Tower of Power has delivered the best in R & B. The band is more popular than ever and touring as always intensely as ever. Now they come to Sweden for gigs in, among others, Stockholm.

Stockholm, Nalen – Saturday 28 October

The tickets were released yesterday, Thursday, August 24th, at 10.00 am via

From their debut, they climbed high on the lists with hits like “You’re Still A Young Man”, “So Very Hard To Go,” and “What Is Hip” to name a few in the seventies. They have continued touring and writing music over the years since then and the latest project, the “Hipper Than Hip” tour has a sound that gives a flashback to their 1974 tour.

“I still love it more than ever. We are not a “smooth” jazz band or any retro band … we do not follow trends, we just create our music just the way we want it. We discovered many years ago that when we did it like that, the fans liked it too. Every time we play, we play music we love because we have to do it our way.”, says the band’s front person Emilio Castillo.

Tower of Power today consists of:

Emilio Castillo – Chapel master / front person, 2nd tenorsax, song

Stephen “Doc” Kupka – Barrytonsax

Rocco Prestia – Bas

David Garibaldi – Drums / Percussion

Roger Smith – Keyboards

Tom Politzer – 1st Tenor Saxon

Adolfo Acosta – Trumpet

Jerry Cortez – Guitar

Sal Cracchiolo – Trumpet and trombone

Marcus Scott – 1st song

Fans coming to see the Tower of Power 2017 will see the band’s new singer, Marcus Scott. Emilio Castillo speaks warmly about him.

“It’s quite phenomenal. Many bands who lose their singers are lost. But, we’ve exchanged singers and instrumentalists so many times that the fans are rather excited and wondering who’s next.” says Castillo. “He does a really good job and has a wonderful personality.”

With a new band member comes a new attitude. Emilio says it’s contagious, “Everyone in the band says’ Wow, what’s happening? ‘One comes to a certain age where everything can get worse, but in our case it’s the opposite, everything gears up!”

That’s how the Tower of Power likes it!

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