Touché Amoré [US] visiting Klubben Fryshuset

By on January 22, 2017

As on of post-hardcore flagship Touché Amoré is a primitive force itself.

Driven by beautiful chords, Jeremy Bolms self-revealing lyrics and a razor-sharp honesty Touché Amoré is an emotional journey to experience, regardless if it is in the headphones or live. Recently the band released their fourth album “Stage Four” which has so far been received with glowing reviews of a unified critics.

On January 24, we welcome Touché Amoré to club Fryshuset!

Touché Amoré was formed in 2007 in Burbank, California, and has since that had time to give out four albums packed with raw emotion and emotional chords set in an energetic sound.

The title of their fourth and latest album, “Stage Four”, aims both to this is their fourth hand, but also on the fourth stage in the development of cancer and the fact that the singer Jeremy Bolms mother passed away from the disease two years ago.

A tragedy that permeates every note and appropriation of an album that both can be seen as self-therapy and some of Bolms grieving process, It is not only his most emotionally charged album in the back as Touché Amoré will visit Fryshuset, but also with his best and most accomplished.

Last band visited our latitude was 2014 when they filled the space between both Stockholm and Gothenburg, an art that Touché Amoré most likely will repeat at Fryshuset in Stockholm 24 January.

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