Tomorrow it’s time for the Stockholm City Line Tunnel Run

By on March 24, 2017

Tomorrow, March 25, is carried out the large runner race Stockholm City Line Tunnel Run 2017 organized by Lidingöloppet, co-organized with Midnattsloppet.

The race itself is unique because it only happens once, a “once-in-a-lifetime race” and then will service tunnel to be closed to the public. It is also unique in that two of the strongest race organizers in Sweden and the world working together to make the race an unforgettable experience for all participants.

Contributions to the needy
Stockholm City Line Tunnel Run 2017 collaborates with Stockholm City Mission. A special starting group, Charity group has a higher entry fee, 550 SEK and Lidingöloppet donate the fee from all starting places in the group, 1000 people, directly to Stockholm City Mission. In connection with the regular application also has other had the opportunity to donate 100 SEK to the Stockholm City Mission. In this race, it has now collected 680 000 SEK. Added to this is also the overdraft that will be donated on the spot. At the last race tunnel of the Northern Link in 2014 donated the entire 6 tons of clothes that came in handy in the Stockholm City Mission thrift stores.

– We are so grateful for the cooperation with Tunnel Run City Line. It is quite amazing to see the commitment that the runners in this race shows. The need for help is great and we really need both money and donated cover clothes in our work with acute and long-term support for people who are excluded, says Marika Markovits, director of the Stockholm City Mission.

Planning and focus on experience
From the first day of the project determined that the race would have a number of core values and these were “unique, awesome, experience, innovation and Stockholm.” Much time has been spent on planning to get all the details to work and to exploit all the experiences of the two organizers

– We have had very constructive and stimulating meetings to make the race an experience for the participant that you will never forget. It’s very fun and stimulating to work together in this way and we feel that it may also have future opportunities in other projects, says Tomas Hoszek General Secretary Lidingöloppet.

Quality and safety
It requires challenges to safely move the 33,159 runners from Stockholm one side to the other and at the same time deliver a fantastic experience that is also quality assured. We have put our resources on high-end experiences that required a lot of preparation. All runners will also receive a specially designed reflective vest to run in and as a memory of the race.

Start and finish area
For the starting area, we have been able to borrow the starting point of the Academic House and the start is at the Karolinska Institutet field for the start date is remodeled to accommodate all 33,000 participants. The start is in a special starting group a piece inside the area where it passes through a starting gate at designated start times.

The finish area occurs in Fatbursparken near Medborgarplatsen where we had the opportunity, through collaboration with the City of Stockholm, the Swedish Transport Administration and the SL and Implenia AB exploit areas that are not yet fully completed. The challenges have been many, not least to run through the construction area, and to establish our faces. We are convinced that all runners will be received in the best way.

Both above and below ground, the participant will get to experience many activities in various guises. We can promise that there are many meters in the tunnel that is not utilized. In the tunnel occurs about 10 activities where some are as long as 200 meters.

– It really has been great fun to plan this and also a challenge not to reveal anything. That together with Lidingöloppet sit and plan and work out experiences have been very enjoyable. Then, to concretize those and then focus on the challenge to bring down everything that will be built on site and additionally for a limited time. Exciting challenges that we have solved! It will be incredibly exciting to see everything during the race day, says Göran Qvarfordt, General Secretary of Midnattsloppet.

Lidingöloppet has after application to the Swedish Transport Administration had the opportunity to use the City Line service and evacuation tunnel arena for the race Stockholm City Line Tunnel Run 2017.
Organizer _ Lidingöloppet and _ co-organized is Midnattsloppet
Collected contributions to the Stockholm City Mission is 680 000 SEK
The race is about 7.6 km, of which about 6 km occurs in the tunnel
The number of runners is 33,159 people
The number of activations / experiences are about 10.
First start group starts at. 09:00
Last start group starts at. 16:30
All surplus from the race goes to Lidingöloppet and Midnattsloppet’s organizer compounds where the money is invested in youth activities. This in IFK Lidingö Athletics and IFK Lidingö SOK (Lidingöloppet) and Hammarby IF (Midnattsloppet).

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