Tobias Karlsson’s dansikal in a unique collaboration

By on April 29, 2017

Cornelis Vreeswijksällskapet supports Dansa Samba with me – A tribute to Cornelis by drawing up a unique exhibition about Corneli’s life.

Sweden’s largest pair of dance companies Move Your Feet AB presents the dansikal Dancing Samba With Me – A tribute to Cornelis, with the dancer and choreographer Tobias Karlsson at the forefront and some of the country’s best dancers known among other things from Let’s Dance. During the autumn’s Swedish Tour with stops in 14 cities, they make a unique collaboration with Cornelis Vreeswijksällskapet.

Together we spread Corneli’s history, says Tobias Karlsson.

Cornelis Vreeswijksällskapet will produce a unique exhibition with both history and images that reflects Corneli’s life. This exhibition will be located in the foyer of arenas where the performance is played.

– We naturally support this amazing project! Together with Tobias new dansikal, we will be able to spread Corneli’s works throughout Sweden and to new generations, said Martin Tode, chairman of Cornelis Vreeswijksällskapet.

In Dansa Samba with me, you as a spectator can experience Cornelis in a whole new way. It will be a journey between Brazil and Sweden, sorrow and happiness in the 16th and 21st century. Dancers will illustrate songs sung by three singers, complemented by recordings by artists such as Lill Lindfors, Jack Vreeswijk and Andreas Weise. Classicals such as Brev från Kolonien, Felicia adjö or the ballad about Fredrik Åkare and Cecilia Lind are just some of the songs that will be sung.

Tobias Karlsson, Calle Sterner, Björn Törnblom, Jeanette Karlsson, Maria Zimmermann, Elisabeth Novotny, Malin Johansson, Sigrid Bernson, Tobias Bader, Alexander Svanberg, Henric Stillman, Joanna Stillman, Maria Bild, Joakim Norsten, Jonathan Jaarnek Norén and Evelina Schönberg Olsén.

Cornelis Vreeswijksällskapet was formed in 1987 and is now with its nearly thousand members one of Sweden’s largest literary person company. The purpose of the society is to spread to new generations the knowledge of Cornelis Vreeswijk and his music and poetry and to promote the ballad.
Cornelis Vreeswijksällskapet supports Dansa samba with me – A tribute to Cornelis by presenting a unique exhibition about Cornelis life and being present in cities where the performance is played.