Tobias Karlsson is current with his new produced dansikal and another tour in Sweden

By on March 25, 2017

Sweden’s largest partner dance company Move Your Feet AB presents dansikalen
Dance Samba With Me – A Tribute to Cornelis, with dancer and choreographer Tobias Karlsson in the forefront and some of the country’s best known dancers among other things from from Let’s Dance.

In Dance Samba with me, will you as a spectator experience Cornelis in a whole new way. It is a journey between Brazil and Sweden, sorrow and happiness and 1600s and 2017. Dancers will illustrate the songs sung by three singers accompanied by recordings from artists like Lill Lindfors, Jack Vreeswijk and Alexander Rybak. Classics such as Brev från Kolonien, Felicia adjö or balladen om Fredrik Åkare and Cecilia Lind are just a few of the songs that will be sung.

Dansikalen illustrating societal issues
Cornelis came to Sweden as a refugee alone at age 12 with the feeling of suddenly being in another country and does not fit in. Although the history of dansikalen discusses how you can fight its way past all obstacles and succeed, like Cornelis who one day was one of the country’s greatest poets. Similarly showing the girl in the “Dance Samba With Me” also have an unprecedented potential despite her seemingly unfavorable deal in life and as a young immigrant to Sweden. It is about how we must have the courage to extend a hand to others, both to help or to themselves to get a nudge in the right direction.
The show’s story is told through music lyrics, the character of the dance and choreography. Dansikalen offers a journey of love, jealousy, betrayal, alienation, passion and desire with texts from Cornelis Vreeswijk.

“I had a dream and vision to get some of my biggest idols in the project, such as Lill Lindfors, and yet no one said no. It makes me so grateful and humble.
It is absolutely amazing to get the chance to create another dansikal. It’s been a dream since I was 15 years old. That the first one went home with the Swedish people so that we are allowed to make a sequel is quite unreal! “-
Tobias Karlsson.
“It is a privilege to work with Cornelis unworthy tunes” –
Tobias Karlsson.

Tobias Karlsson, Calle Sterner, Bjorn Törnblom, Jeanette Karlsson, Maria Zimmermann, Elisabeth Novotny, Malin Johansson, Sigrid Bernson, Tobias Bader, Alexander Svanberg, Henric Stillman, Joanna Stillman, Maria Bild, Joakim Norsten, Jonathan Jaarnek Norén and Evelina Schönberg Olsén.

Tour schedule in 2017

Torsdag14 Sep Premiere, Örebro
Friday 15 Sep Örebro
Saturday 16 Sep Örebro
Saturday 16 Sep Örebro
Friday 22 Sep Umeå
Saturday 23 Sep Umeå
Friday 29 Sep Gävle
Saturday 07 Oct Kalmar
Saturday 14 Oct Västerås
Saturday 21 Oct Linköping
Saturday 28 Oct Malmö
Saturday 04 Nov Helsingborg
Saturday 11 Nov Karlstad
Saturday 18 Nov Jönköping
Tuesday 21 Nov Göteborg
Wednesday 22 Nov Göteborg
Friday 01 Dec Växjö
Saturday 02 Dec Växjö
Friday 08 Dec Södertälje
Saturday 09 Dec Södertälje
Thursday 14 Dec Stockholm
Friday 15 Dec Stockholm
Saturday 16 Dec Stockholm

The tickets were released yesterday, March 24, 2017.