Titiyo recycles herself : Relaunches “Talking to the Man in the Moon” and releases music video

By on April 7, 2017

Today, Friday, April 7, premiere show “Talking to the Man in the Moon”, Titiyos debut song from 1989, in a completely new version produced by Dante Kinnunen and Kalle Perlskog and packaged in a newly produced music video. The reason is a collaboration with the Packaging and Newspaper collection (FTI) in the campaign Let old become new. Titiyos interest in recycling is large, which led to that she now is appointed ambassador to inspire more people to recycle and get better recycler.

See the video here >>.

Titiyo has since long a dedicated commitment to the environment. Clothing and gadgets that are not used will be donated to Myrorna or Stadsmissionen and packaging and newspaper sorted carefully. Now she has also begun to recover her own music to encourage others to follow suit.

– It was an obvious song choice to recycle. It is of course a little bit about the planet and the world, and it was with that song all started for me. Recycling is all about thinking circular and in the same way I have come full circle with the “Man in the Moon” with an additional extension, that after 28 years to do a music video for the song, says Titiyo.

Titiyo has had full artistic freedom and, together with Tomas Skoging on Acne kreerat the idea for the music video set in a high located apartment that brings to mind a New York studio where Leilani Franco, a performance artist with extreme bodily flexibility sensually gets through the room, on the way to the final turn in the night life.

– The campaign could not have been better. That, in addition to a good message now also presents a great video and great photos, it feels magical. So I’m very happy that I accepted this mission, says Titiyo.

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