Time to set a new standard Box Dálvve

By on November 5, 2016

Ever since November 2010, when we distilled the very first drops here at Box, it’s been our goal to develop storage opportunities for a future standard product, primarily stored in large, classic bourbon casks.

We’ve carefully monitored the maturation of these casks and been impressed with how well they’ve developed. Our storage conditions, with huge temperature differences over the year, ice-cold winters and warm, sunny summers, account for a lot of the intensively positive results of the process. This is why we can already proudly introduce the whisky world to Dálvve – Box Distillery’s first edition of the future core range.

Dálvve is the Sami word for ‘winter’. The Nordic winters are an important part of our distillery’s unique character, so what could be more suitable than to borrow the name for our first ‘standard whisky’ from the indigenous Nordic culture that throughout the ages has lived here in perfect harmony with the passing seasons and nature?

Box Distillery is one of the world’s northernmost distilleries, directly intersected by the 63rdlatitude, one day’s car ride from the Arctic Circle. As early as October, temperatures can fall way below zero and the winter months are often ice-cold with heavy coverings of snow. Dusk and darkness come early and the northern lights illumine the meter-thick ice on the river outside. This environment is unique to Box and it affects our whisky in a number of ways. The river’s ice cold cooling water produces a true world class distillate and the hot summers, cold winters and temperature variations enhance the whisky’s flavour by pressing it back and forth through the oak as it patiently waits in the warehouses. This is what gives our whisky its character. And of course this holds true, in every way, for Dàlvve.

Box Dálvve will be bottled in 70cl bottles and be available from November 2016 with different batch numbers, the demand from international markets is substantial and Dálvve will be available worldwide from its launch. 

Box Dálvve have an alcohol level of 46% and a recommended consumer price of approximately €50 – €60, sales begin November 17.

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