Tillsammans teaches consent through the new circus long before the boys become perpetrators

By on December 16, 2018

The crime investigation agency’s recent investigation shows that young men are more negative to the new consent law. That 33 percent of young men thinks that to be naked with someone is a sign of consent. At the same time, one third of all young girls state that they were subjected to sexual offenses in 2017 according to Crime Prevention councils national security survey.

– No boy is born as a perpetrator. You learn a behavior that eventually makes you a presumptive perpetrator, says Marco Vega, sexual enlighteners in the project Tillsammans. Consent is a legal concept, what the project wants the children to practice is reciprocity before approaching their own adult sexuality. Reciprocity is something we people constantly engage in interacting with others in everyday life but rarely practice.

Tillsammans is a circus performance that focuses on interaction and communication through among other things acrobatics. It’s also about finding your voice and daring to use it, but also about listening and actually hearing the other. The performance is aimed at children in grades 1 to 5 and is aimed at schools throughout the country.

– Learning about intercourse and reciprocity at an early age is probably the most important preventive work we can do with children today. Especially when it comes to the boys, who are the ones who account for the biggest figure of sexual violence in society when they grow older, not of evil, but because of masculinity standards that are destructive, says Marco.

The project Tillsammans is funded by the Postkod Foundation and is ongoing throughout 2019. In addition to performance, a teacher’s guide, a lecture to the teachers and a circus workshop will be offered to the students. The project Tillsammans is a playful way of taking serious and important questions to ensure that no one again needs to testify about painful experience under the hash tag #metoo

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music