Thousand children in Botkyrka gets to experience dance performance in digital forests

By on January 13, 2018

Step into a forest, find yourself in a mysterious place and gradually start to orient yourself. Soon you will be part of a marvelous story. So you can describe the dance performance TRÄD by choreographer Cristina Caprioli, which now a thousand schoolchildren in Botkyrka can experience in the coming weeks. Light games, electronic music and four dancers, together with the visitors, create a temporary and suggestive verbal community. The ticket price is SEK 0.

In a few weeks in January and February, a thousand schoolchildren in Botkyrka will experience something very special. It is the choreographer Cristina Caprioli and her reputable company CCAP, which comes to Subtopia with the show TRÄD. They provide 45 performances for school classes, but also three open shows for anyone to book. From the company’s side, the goal is simple: families, friends or alone from the area will have the opportunity to have a beautiful, thoughtful collective memory. Another three shows are open to the public to subscribe to.

– I do not like the idea of buying an experience for money, like some kind of consumption that you chew on. To me, it’s the opposite: to give away something and get it that will for a moment forget about yourself and be something bigger. To share that experience with others, but without words, says Cristina Caprioli.

TRÄD can be described as an imaginary place, a fantasy. As a heated forest, you feel very physically, tangibly, which you can tread and climb into, a fantasy. Inside there are waiting experiences that are concrete and is experienced with the own body. Through the dance you become part of a larger body consisting of all around.

– Making a performance for children is by no means different from doing it for adults. I do not want to split the audience into categories. For me, it’s the art of being able to be very specific and thus communicate with a foreign language, but that appeal to everyone, said Cristina Caprioli.

Scene: Subtopia Studio 3

Play Date: Sunday 28 January at 13, Sunday 4 February at 13 and Sunday, 11 February at 13.

TRÄD in Botkyrka has been established with the support of RättBuss, Botkyrka municipality, Dansistan and Subtopia.

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Performance Length: 45 min

Recommended age: 4 years and up. (Please come with family, friends, football team or alone!)

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Botkyrka