Thorsten Flinck’s autobiography – the truth beyond the headlines

By on September 27, 2016

Now comes the theatrical genius Thorsten Flinck’s own story about life in the theater and in the gutter. The story is written down by Håkan Lahger and includes interviews with, among others, Mikael Persbrandt, Lena Endre, Annika Jankell and Jan Malmsjö.

Thorsten FlinckAn autobiography: Come and laugh at Lilliputian is an intimate and confidential story of success on the stage and the success backside: to constantly seek confirmation, fend off mudslinging in Dramatic corridors and chase the money for drugs.

With humor and candor tells Flinck about the battle between love for the theater and drugsand the relationships that deleted on foot between.

Never has a biography demonstrated such a span between high and low,” said publishing director Claes Ericson.It is a breathtaking story of success and failure, disregard and contempt.”

Thorsten Flinck is the youngest person who entered the drama school. After an initial career at the Royal Dramatic Theatre, he ran his own theater and was voted Sweden’s sexiest man. In 2012 he won the Swedish people favor in Melodifestivalen, and in 2016 he was honored Cornelis Prize.