This year’s trends at Caravan Stockholm 2020: starry skies and digital detox

By on September 7, 2019

Mobile life, in motorhomes and caravans, is growing at a fast pace.

– Climate-conscious people who want to holiday sustainably accelerate the development, says Eva Francke, fair manager for Caravan Stockholm. A strong trend is to check out the mobile, live actively close to nature and experience a real starry sky – beyond the city’s lights and neon.

– The next edition of Caravan Stockholm, at Kistamässan 13-16 February 2020, will have more visitors and will be developed with a wider range. Above all, we are targeting a broader target group and expanding Caravan Stockholm with more destinations and activities. The fair is to be a sandwich table of everything in camping and outdoor life, explains Eva Francke.

The fair will be changed to attract a younger audience, families with children and people with special interests such as golf, fishing, yoga, surfing and orientation etc. Activities that are great for combining with a mobile home. It can be a way to get to unique places where there may not be hotels.

– We are seeing how more and more young people are investing in caravans, for example toddler families who have discovered that it is a very practical and climate-smart holiday alternative. We also see a clear trend among friends who want to travel and gather around an activity. Then mobile homes and caravans are the perfect alternative, says Eva Francke.

Caravan Stockholm will hold on to the wide range of motorhomes and caravans, but broadened to offer visitors the opportunity to discover new places and activities for different interests. There will be a whole new destination area where you will find everything from the most enjoyable adventure parks and the best golf courses to the most interesting art tours and the most culinary dining experiences.

Much is new at Caravan Stockholm. The fair has been taken over by Live Expo, a new and major trade fair and event company, which visitors will notice in several ways. The new investment is made in the light of the record-breaking development in motorhome and caravan tourism.

One explanation is that more and more people are choosing to spend their holidays in Sweden. Half of the Swedes do not travel abroad at all. You want to spare the climate, and that the weak krone rate plays a big role.

According to travel magazine Lonely Planet, which lists next year’s major travel trends, climate-smart travel is the clearest.

Eva Francke sees a connection to vacationing with motorhomes and caravans:

It gives significantly lower climate emissions than long-haul flights. Taking the caravan and staying in the same place for a long time is really climate smart!

The same trend scouting shows that there is much else that favors mobile life:
We want to look for places that are not affected by mass tourism. We want to experience the tranquility and outdoor feeling – walking, cycling, paddling, lighting a campfire.

To really feel relaxed also means not having to be connected.

Therefore, 2020 is predicted to be the year when digital detox, ie “detoxification” from smartphones and computers, is seriously impacted, says Eva Francke.

She also notes a coherent trend, for many a little strange: that we yearn more and more for dark and starry nights.

– Of course, that is because in the big cities it is almost impossible to enjoy the starry sky due to street lights, neon signs and all other light.

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