This year’s news “The Sect” will be the worst horror house ever

By on October 14, 2019

On October 18th it is the premiere for Halloween at Gröna Lund but now the tivolite can reveal what will be this year’s news. The “Sect” is a brand new horror house that is promised to be the most frightening thing that a tivolite has ever offered.

Inside the sect’s house, visitors will be tormented with claustrophobic corridors, unpleasant sect members, dark sacrificial rituals and evil powers that do everything you can to never come out again …

“In the middle of the wilderness, far from civilization in an old abandoned house, an enchanting and authoritarian leader has assembled a company of devoted members, branded for life with the cult’s occult symbol on the body. Together, they worship dark powers to summon an ancient demon to the place , in the belief that it will give them unlimited power and eternal life. can stop the force.”

So is the story of this year’s horror news on Halloween at Gröna Lund, the Sect, which will be the most terrifying attraction that the funfair ever presented. Anyone who dares to enter the sect’s house must of course try to make their way through all the cramped rooms of the dark house, where unpleasant sect members try to evoke the powers of darkness with the help of human sacrifices. The age recommendation is the highest on Halloween and is set at 13 (11 years in adult party). Exactly what will be met by inside the sect’s house knows only those who have entered and even managed to get out.

– The sect will be at the top of the horror scale and will undoubtedly be the scariest horror house we have ever created. It is not for everyone and you should really be prepared for the worst when you choose to enter. In addition to the Sect, we will also have seven other horror attractions with varying levels of terror. The favorite The Ship from last year is back and even there we will offer an even worse experience this year, says Gröna Lund’s CEO, Magnus Widell.

Just like last year, Gröna Lunds Little Area will be adapted to the younger children, filled with pumpkins, kind witches and children’s performances. If you cross the Spanish Steps you come to the Great Area where you should be prepared for a scary experience with unpleasant themed areas, horror houses and evil beings moving freely.

Facts Halloween at Gröna Lund
Halloween at Gröna Lund lasts for 13 (!) Scary days
October 18-October 20, as well as October 25-November 3.

If the weather permits, all attractions are kept open except Flying Carpet. In total, Halloween at Gröna Lund offers 31 attractions (including all horror houses).

Eight Horror Attractions (ranked by Horror Level)

  1. New! The Sect
    – In an abandoned house, mysterious sacrificial rituals take place to summon the powers of darkness. Age recommendation 13 years, 11 years in adult company.
  2. The ship
    – an oriental ship, carrying a millennial curse. Age recommendation 13 years, 11 years in adult company.
  3. Not Fun House
    – Not Fun House has been taken over by a murderous clown company. Age recommendation 13 years, 11 years in adult company.
  4. House of Even Worse Nightmares
    – House of Nightmares with increased horror level. Age recommendation 11 years, 9 years in adult company.
  5. Zombie Zone
    – a zombie virus has spread and the infected are quarantined. Age recommendation 11 years, 9 years in adult company.
  6. Blue Train
    – now also with living (and dead) characters. Age recommendation 7 years.
  7. The Unlucky Tour (Love Tunnel)
    – a love researcher has dropped a foreign substance in the water that has transformed the entire Love Tunnel. Age recommendation 5 years.
  8. Pettson o Findus Haunted House
    – Pettson o Findus World is thematized into a haunted house for younger children. No age recommendation.

Themed areas

  • New! Candy House
    – at the Little Area behind the Dance Course you will find Candy House, with themed environment and a nice candy shop with all the candy you could wish for.
  • New! Graveyard
    – In front of the dark house of the sect, an evil burial ground has grown up.
  • Autumn market
    – In the Little area, the hugely cozy autumn market is emerging. Here you will find nice witches, boiling cauldrons and lots of pumpkins of all sizes.
  • Día de Muertos
    – restaurant Fiesta is inspired by the Mexican holiday Día de Muertos “Day of the Dead” with colorful decor and skulls.
  • New! The portal
    – a dark and mysterious portal that takes you from the tranquil Little Area over to the creepier Great Area.
  • Zombie Street
    – On the street outside Jetline you see traces of a zombie apocalypse approaching…

Children’s performance
A scary cozy children’s show called “Museet Skoj & Skräms” is played every day at. 14 & 16 inside the Green Lund Theater. Screenplay by Lars Andersson, directed by Thérèse Andersson Lewis and actors are Maria Watolla and Trevor Lewis.

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