This year’s most historic bal at the Castle

By on October 21, 2016

It is premiere and still fully booked long ago. Saturday 22 October is this year’s bal historic bal place – for the first time – in the Armoury’s beautiful Stensal. The event attracts all who are devoted to dance historically relevant dances with live baroque music performed by Trio Cima Rosa. Historical costume is obviously a need for a historical bal and dance enthusiasts are asked to choose clothes from one epoch – from the Middle Ages up to the empire.

Before the bale takes place Armoury has organized preparatory dance meetings where it has trained and taught historical dance, whether you are a beginner or not. During bal evening served contemporary welcome bowl and historic confectionery and halcyon and exclusive views of the Armoury for those who want to rest your feet between the dances.

Bal night is not only an opportunity to dance, Armoury also want to give the audience the opportunity to participate in the intangible cultural heritage linked to the museum’s collections.

– This is a way to bring alive the collections which largely testify various ceremonies at the royal court, which was framed by music, dance, food and drink. The ceremonies were Gesamtkunstwerk where all the senses were addressed and be satisfied, it would be a feast for vision, hearing, smell and taste. The bale is also a way to include visitors and make them co-creators instead of being merely hearers or receiver, said Magdalena Owczynska, Musie host the Armoury.

The event is a collaboration with the dance group Pied en l’Air, the Royal Armoury and the Ballet Academy.

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