This happens at the Museum of Natural History in September

By on September 3, 2018

What is hidden behind the scenes in the museum’s well-stocked collections? During Geology Day there is a unique opportunity to accompany ancient fossils and beautiful minerals along with the museum’s researchers. Welcome!

Geology Day
A rocky day for the whole family! Come and experience geology with all your senses: dig for fossils, chop in stone and meet Dino-Doris. Our experts examine your medieval rocks and fossils. Also take a look at the museum behind the scenes (ticket pre-purchased at

Date: September 8th

Time: Kl. 10-16

The museum behind the scenes
See the Natural History Museum behind the scenes on Geology Day! Follow the museum’s researchers as guides and showcase the museum’s exciting mineral collection and among ancient fossils. The views are given several times during the day and are recommended from 10 years.

Limited number of seats, first come first served. Cost: 20 SEK / ticket, pre-purchase at

Date: September 8th

Mushroom weekend
A packed weekend of mushrooms! Come and race, meet experts and squeeze, smell and feel the mushroom.

Are you new to Swedish mushroom forest? Botanize among mushrooms in our show and learn to recognize toxic and edible mushrooms. Feel free to bring your own mushrooms – our experts decide on the art. You can also go hiking with an expert.

Date: 15-16 September
Kl. 11-16

Mushroom walk with expert
Join a mushroom expert on an excursion in the Natural History Museum’s surroundings. What environments should you look for in the woods to find a certain mushroom? You get tips on what to think about and how to identify mushroom in nature. Be sure to ask your questions to a real mushroom expert.

Cost: 100 SEK adult, 50 kr children. Tickets are pre-purchased at

Date: 15-16 September.
Time: Kl. 13-15

View with Dino Doris
Meet the museum’s passionate and prospective dinosaur scientist. Dino-Doris talks about its absolute favorite subject and gives examples of how a paleontologist works. A dramatized view for dinodiggers in the exhibition Fossil and evolution.

Rec. age 6-10 years, but everyone is welcome.

Date: Every Saturday
Time: Kl. 12, 13 and 14

Displaying 10 favorites
Can you tell the story about the Tasmanian? See the two headed calf. We show the museum’s top ten, the extra-sighted items you can not miss during your visit. Join a 40-minute guided tour of the entire museum.

Suitable for everyone from 6-100 years.

Date: Every Sunday
Time: Kl. 12, 13 and 14

Be sure to visit Odla staden
Barefoot path, nature play and lots of exciting plants. Welcome to Odla staden. Here, young and old can experience nature with all the senses.

A news for this year is the museum’s hive. See how the heroes of nature live, learn to dance like a bee and try to pollinate. Clap Sarri and Parre who live in the dino garden. There you can also look at plants that have existed since the dinosaurs’ time – ginkgo, mini mountain pine, Lilium martagon and ferns.

Odla staden you can visit until September 30th.

Movies at Cosmonova
At Cosmonova, you experience the world close to the world’s largest film format and with a sound experience beyond the usual.

In September you can watch the following movies at Cosmonova:
A Beautiful Planet
Animal movie
Dream Big
A trip among coral reefs

Permanent exhibitions
At the Natural History Museum we show 11 permanent exhibitions. Here you can see dinosaurs, animals and plants from all over the world, fossils, minerals and meteorites, follow human evolution and much more.

All exhibitions: The human journey, The animal human, A souvenir for life, Fossil and evolution, Life in water, Diversity of life,

Polartrakterna, Mission: KLIMAT, Expeditions, Nature in Sweden and Treasures from the Earth’s interior.

Temporary exhibition

Under the surface
The exhibition Under the surface shows exciting and colorful photographs of both small and large marine animals that live in everything from really cold water to hot tropical seas.

The photographs are taken from Swedish underwater photographs.
The exhibition is a co-production between the Natural History Museum and the Society for Underwater Photography.

The exhibition will be shown until January 10, 2019

Free admission to the exhibitions

Price Cosmonova:
40 min movie: 120 kr adult, 60 kr children and adolescents
20 min movie: 80 kr adult, 40 kr children and adolescents

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm