This happens at Skansen in February

By on January 21, 2019
Marie Andersson/Skansen

Now is the winter month here, the ice rink is flushed, the circus in full swing and on February 6, the Sami national day is noticed.

Sami National Day February 6
This day you can visit the Såekies family holiday home in Saemien Síjte, listen to Sami fairy tales and myths in the heat of the fire and learn more about Sami culture, the reindeer and try to jojka in the jojk school.
Saemien Sïjte at 10.00 – 15.00

Circus Skansen
Young artists performs circus numbers at the highest level with acrobatics, juggling and magic. A great show for all children with circus dreams. Performances in Bragehallen every Sunday until 21 April at 13.00 and at 15.00. Tickets are sold in the main entrance and in the Lill-Skansen shop. Price children 2 – 15 years 30: -, adult 50: –

Sport holiday fun with Kamratposten
Ice skating rink at Bollnästorget, ice skating disco, sausage grilling and rental of skates, lending of kicks and sledges, or stilts and barrel hoop, pony rides, circus performance, storytelling and ride with horse and carriage. On the sports holiday, the open circus school begins where the children practice their own arts.
Skansen and Kamratposten cooperate for the first time on a sports holiday with activities such as reading corners with KP-magazines in Skogen’s house all week and the 1st – 3rd of March also play / tricks and buttons, pin-making, dance workshop with TikTok celebrities, quiz walk, skate disco with mascots, etc.

Open circus school
In Bragehallen, the open circus school is every Saturday between 23 February – 20 April and every weekday and Saturday during the sports holiday at 11.00 – 16.00. Here, all ages can try out circus arts – balancing on a ball or tense line‚ juggling tablecloths‚ balls and poi‚ rocking with rock ring and climbing in fabric- and real circus artists are there to help.

The ice skating rink
Go ice skating on Bollnästorget, grilling sausages and drinking hot chocolate. Skates are available for rent on site and helmets are included in the price. The ice rink opens on January 19th.

Open introductions in English
Every weekday at 11.30, collection at Seglora church.

Open in houses and farms
Järnhandeln, Bollnässtugan, Statarlängan, Mekaniska Verkstaden (open tue-fri), Snickeriet (open Mon-Thurs) opens at 10.00.
Älvrosgården and Järnhandlarbostaden open at 11.00.

The children’s own zoo opening hours February is 10.00 – 15.00 weekdays and 10.00 – 16.00 weekends and school holidays. Today’s animals at Lill-Skansen are presented every day at 13.15.

The pony rides are on weekdays at 13 – 14 and 12:00 – 15:00 during weekends and school holidays. Price 50: –

Talk about animals
In English – Talk about the reindeer every day at 12.30
Seals, herring and whistles every day at 14.00
Today’s animals at Lill-Skansen every day at 13.15.

With reservation for changes

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Djurgården