This happens at Skansen in April

By on March 19, 2019
Maria Hellqvist

The month of April comes with the inauguration of the new knowledge building about the Baltic Sea, the Baltic Sea Science Center, Easter celebrations with market and Easter witches on broom, and concludes with spring weekend and Valborgseld at Sollidenplan.

Go under the surface of the Baltic Sea in the Baltic Sea Science Center
On April 12 it is finally open – the new knowledge building about the Baltic Sea. Here you can go under the surface of the large predatory fish aquarium, go from Land to sea in the interactive exhibition, research on your own and discover what you can contribute yourself to help the Baltic Sea become healthy and prosperous again. No separate entrance fee is included in the regular ticket price.

Easter traditions, Easter market and Easter witches
Easter, experience Easter traditions in houses and farms, go on Easter market with handicrafts, food and sweets throughout the Easter weekend. On Maundy Thursday morning you can also make a broom and start the trip to Blåkulla. That day it is free admission for all dressed up Easter witches and Easter hubby up to 15 years. Easter Eve is celebrated at the Åkesson family in the 1920s in Skånegården. You can experience the gloomy Good Friday in Oktorpsgården. In the Järnhandlarbostaden, the family prepares an Easter invitation in the 1930s. At 12.30 it is Kackelklubben in Skånegården, do not miss that chicken talk!
April 18-22

Welcome spring – spring weekends at Skansen
Time to make spring fin both outdoors and inside. During four spring weekends, you can take part in household chores and other activities that belong to the spring. In April, there will be spring jobs from 27 – 28 April at 10.00 – 16.00

Valborg celebration April 30th
Valborgs program from the Solliden scene. Studentikost spex, spring songs, banners, concerts and the annual speech in the spring. The Valborgsmässobålet will light up at 21.00

Open circus school
In Bragehallen, the open circus school is every Saturday between 23 February – 20 April at 11.00 – 16.00. Here, all ages can try out circus arts – balancing on a ball or tense line‚ juggling tablecloths‚ balls and poi‚ rocking with rock ring and climbing on fabric – and real circus artists are there to help.

Circus Skansen
A great show for all children with circus dreams. Young performers in front of circus numbers at the highest level. Performances in Bragehallen every Sunday until 21 April at 13.00 and at 15.00. Tickets are sold in the main entrance and in the Lill-Skansen shop. Price children 2 – 15 years 30: -, adult 50: –

Open introductions in English
Every weekday at 13.00, collection at Seglora church.

Look in to …
Every day you can look into and see how some homeless have made a simple residence in the closed Garveriet. It is also possible to look into the bookbindery and book printing every day they are not open to visitors.

Little Skansen
The children’s own zoo has small animals such as guinea pigs, rabbits, small reptiles, dwarf hens and cats, etc. Opening hours in April at 10.00 – 16.00 every day.

The pony rides are on weekdays at 13.00 – 14.00 and at 12:00 – 15:00 during weekends and school holidays. Price 50: –

Talk about animals
In English – Talk about the reindeer every day at 12.30
Seals, herring and whistles every day at 14.00
Today’s animals at Lill-Skansen every day at 13.15
Kackelklubben – talk about chickens at 12.30 during Easter 18 – 22 April at Skånegården’s courtyard

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Djurgården