This happens at Skansen in 2019

By on December 28, 2018

Here is the whole year 2019 at Skansen in a short and concise summary. There will be sports holidays, Easter, National Day, Midsummer, sing along, jazz, live concerts, folk music, dancing and open in a variety of cultural-historical environments. Autumn offers autumn market, autumn holiday horror, and winter on Christmas market, lucia celebrations and New Year’s speakers.

6 January Christmas ending at Bollnästorget.

12 January Dress rehearsal for this year’s performances with Circus Skansen in the Bragehallen for children every Sunday. Premiere January 13th and performances until April 21st.

19 January The ice rink at Sollidenplan opens for the season and is open until March 17.

26 January – Winter Run – run competition of 5 and 10 km on Djurgården with start, finish and turning on Skansen.

6 February The Sami National Day is highlighted with views, stories and singing at Samevistet.

23 February – March 3 Sports holidays with KP – lots of fun!

23 February – April 20 Circus school – walk on ropes, juggle, climb and rock rock ring every Saturday in Bragehallen. Also on the sports holidays February 25 – March 1.

13 – 22 April Easter with market, traditions and Easter witches.

18 April Maundy Thursday – all children who come dressed as small witches have free entry.

Baltic Sea Science Center is inaugurated preliminarily week 14 or 15. Knowledge center focusing on the Baltic Sea.

30 April Valborg is celebrated with speech to spring, entertainment and big fire at Solllidenplan.

1 May – 30 September Lill-Skansenteatern has performances weekends and red days during May and September and daily June – August.

17 May Norway’s National Day is celebrated with trains, speech, music and folk-dressed visitors.

18 – 19 May Tjolahopp, tjolahej – Astrid Lindgren’s world at Skansen in collaboration with Rabén & Sjögren, Astrid Lindgren’s World and Saltkråkan.

21 May Children and books – theme days for children’s reading desire and language development in collaboration with the education administration Stockholm city, Stockholm city library and ALMA.

22 May The Day of Biological Diversity.

30 May Folknykterhetens day is celebrated in Ordenshuset Brofästet.

6 June Sweden’s National Day with a large party program with the royal family.

15 June Drop in wedding for anyone who wants to get married on a summer beautiful Skansen.

18 – 19 June Buföring – The farm animals are moved to summer work during music and singing.

21 – 23 June Midsummer celebration with midsummer bar, small frogs, folk music from Sweden and other countries.

25 June – 13 August Sing along on Skansen – with Sanna Nielsen as sing along leader on stage every Tuesday.

29 June, 10-12 July Slåttern goes Trying to hit grass with scythe.

30 June – 18 August Children’s sing along on Sundays with Ayla Kabaca and Krumelurorkester.

1 July – 19 August Blue Monday – jazz on the Solliden scene every Monday.

2 July The day of the rose.

2 August – BAO with Benny Andersson, Helen Sjöholm and Tommy Körberg perform on the Solliden scene.

8 – 11 August Meet the Roma at Skansen

24 – 27 August Linen and wool – Skansen byalag shows everything from harvesting of linen to wool care.

25 August Spinnrocka loss! Competition in spinning wool in cooperation with Slöjd Stockholm.

28 August With all the senses – one day in collaboration with FUB.

28 – 29 September Autumn market anno 1900 – spectacle, body cakes and many meter with sausage for sale.

26 October – 3 November Horrors from before – autumn holiday on Skansen with plenty of essence, ghosts and goblins.

30 November – 1 December Christmas Market and 7 – 8, 14 -15 and 21 – 22 December

13 – 15 December Lucia celebration.

14 December – concert with Skansens Lucia on the Solliden scene.

24 December Christmas Eve open at Skansen

31 December New year at Skansen with New Year’s clocks, entertainment and fireworks

Note With reservation for changes.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm