This happen on Skansen in August

By on July 22, 2017

Such does not exist – a display about HBTQ +
During Prideweek you can go on an interesting view on how people have looked at HBTQ + through history. The display extends over 300 years between and inside Skansen’s houses and farms.
4 and 6 August at 13 and 15

Meet the Roma at Skansen 10-13 August
Listen to captivating stories and take part in the Roma culture at Bollnestorget at 11-16.

Linen and wool 19-22 August
The linen is processed, the sheep are cut, the wool is carded and old wool garments are recycled and will be new in houses and farms and at Tingsvallen at 10-16.30

Spinning wheel away August 20th
A competition in the art of spinning wool in Bragehallen at 11.45-14.45

With all the senses 23 August
A special day for all ages and functionalities. Bollnestorget 10-14

Dance at Galejan in August

Modern dance at 20-24
August 4 Titanix
August 5, Per-Håkans
August 11, Finix
August 12 Sounders
August 18, Casanova
August 19 Jannez
August 25 Highlights
August 26 Wisex

Mixed dance at 14-18
August 1, Matz Rogers
August 8, Holéns
August 15, Leif Hermansson

Gammeldans at 19.30-22.30
August 2 Täby’s Spelmansgille
August 9 Stockholm spelmanslag
August 16 Slagsta gille

Skansen’s big band
Every Monday until August 21, Skansen’s big band, led by Leif Kronlund, plays up to dance at 20-23.

Song game with Skansen’s musicians at Delsbogården Tuesdays at 18.15-18.45

Folk dance show with Skansen’s folk dance team Tuesday-Friday at 19-19.30

Song game with Skansen’s musicians at Älvrosgården Wednesday-Friday at 18.15-18.45 and Tuesday 22 and 29 August.

Folk dance show with Skansen’s folk dance team Tingsvallenscenen weekends at 16-16.30

Song and dance play August 13-September 24 at Tingsvallenscenen at 15.30-16

The Lill-Skansen Theater plays performances where the audience can join! 11, 12, 14 & 15 at Lill-Skansen.

Playing from before
Try to go on stilts, jump jumpstrips, roll tunnels, etc. At 11-17 on the meadow at Hazeliushuset.

Go Skogsmulles nature trail on your own
With the help of a map, questions and all the senses, animals and nature are perceived at Skogsmulles way. Map is located at the main entrance and at Lill-Skansen.

The farm’s chores
Help at the Hornborg Stugan every day at 11-16 .30

Come and help Bengta, Per and Emil in Skånegården, every day at 11-16 .30

Pony rides
All days until August 20 at 12-16, weekdays from 21 August 12-15, weekends from 26 August 12-16. The rides starts on Bredablick.

Talk about animals
12.30 Talk about the reindeers, in English, at the reindeer’s enclosure.

13 Today’s animals. At the theater at Lill-Skansen.

13.30 Visent – extinct but resurrected. Animal keeper tell about the role of Europe’s giant and the zoos roll in species conservation at the visent auspices.

14 Seals, herring and whistles. Animal keeper feed and tell about Skansen’s seals at the upper Sälbassängen.

14.30 Bears, fragrances and plastic pipes. Animal keeper tells about Skansen’s bears at the bear auspices.

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