This happen at Skansen in May

By on April 12, 2018

Now it’s sprouting in the flower beds and it’s time for welcome spring, theme weekends with garden orientation. The month of May also offers Folknykterhetens dag, Norway’s national day, The 100th anniversary of the Baltic, visit of the midwife, Tjolahopp and Children and books – reading inspiration days for all children.

Welcome spring!
Experience activities belonging to spring in Skansen’s gardens and environments. The weekend 12-13 May tells Bi-Olle about how bina has it at Skansen. Welcome spring! is May 1, May 5-6, May 10, May 12-13, at 11-17

Folknykterhetens dag May 10th
IOGT-NTO offers programs for the whole family in Ordenshuset Brofästet May 10 at 11-16

Norway’s national day 17th of May
Traditional celebration of seventeenth of May at Sollidenscenen with among others the guest artist Ane Brun at 13-16

Divine service May 17th
Seglora church at 17.30

Tjolahopp Tjolahej – Astrid Lindgren’s world at Skansen
See Pippi and Emil on the Sollidens stage and sing along songs with Prusiluskan at Tingsvallen. The whole Skansen is filled with fun challenges like the power meter – who is as strong as Pippi? Pick up wooden bars, non-stopping ground-track, balance on the roofnock like Madicken, jump in hay, caramel kokeri as in Mariannelund, square store, find the tracks for Nils Karlsson Pyssling mm. The weekend is a collaboration with Astrid Lindgren’s World and Saltkråkan. May 19-20 at 10-17

Children and Books 22 – 23 May
Program days for field f-6 on the theme of reading in collaboration with Stockholm City Education Administration, Stockholm City Library and ALMA 22-23 May 10-14

Baltics 100 years 26th of May
In 1944, came 25,000 boat refugees to Sweden from Estonia and 5000 from Latvia. 5,000 of them were Estonian Swedes. Several thousands later fled to the United States, Canada and Australia. Now, the independence day of the Baltic States is celebrated on Skansen in cooperation with the Swedish National Association of Association of Estates, Estonia’s People’s Association, Letternas Riksförbund, the Swedish Latvian Association and the Lithuanian National Association on the Bollnestorget on 26 May.

Folk dance
Skansens folkdanslag has a show at Tingsvallenscenen weekends in May and 1st and 10th of May at 16-16.30

Midwife at Skansen
The midwife goes from Järnhandlarbostaden to Statarlängan and tells how it went when women gave birth in the old days. Weekends in May and 1st and 10th of May

Little Skansen Theater
The Lill-Skansen Theater gives four performances every day. The audience may also join! All days 1 May to 30 September 11, 12, 14 & 15

Help in …
Travel in time and help with chores that were made in the homes before. Help in the Finngården and Hornborgastugan weekends 1 May to 17 June at 11-16.30

Games from before
Try to go on stilts, jump skipping-rope, roll barrel hoop etc. on the meadow at Hornborgastugan every day in May at 10-17

Song and dance play
Show of song and dance play with children and for children at Tingsvallenscenen, Sundays from 13th of May at 15.30-16

Pony rides
The tours starts at the Bredablick tower.
May-June 10 weekdays at 12-15, weekends at 12-16

Skogsmulles Nature Trail
Go Skogsmulles nature trail on your own using a map and questions to experience animals and nature. Folder is located in the main entrance and at Lill-Skansen.

Galejans tivoli
Carousels, fish ponds and other fun for small fun-lovers. Open every day in May.

Talk about the reindeer
Presentation in English about reindeer all days in May 12.30 pm

Today’s animals
Presented at the theater at Lill-Skansen every day in May at 13.15

Visentens return
Animal keeper tell about Europe’s giants and the zoos role in nature conservation, at the visent hedge every day in May at 13.30

Seals, herring and whistles
Animal keeper feed and tell about our seals, at the lower seal basin every day in May at 14

Milking at Skånegården
Animal keeper milkes every day in May at 14.30

Talk about the Moose
Presentation in English about the moose every day in May 14.30 pm

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm