This happen at Skansen in January 2018

By on December 27, 2017
Gunnar Lundh, NM

After Christmas ending January 7, winter activities start at Skansen. There is the possibility to go skiing, go on a circus show or challenge yourself in the Winter Run. A number of houses are open every day, like Lill-Skansen, Skansen Aquarium, Snus and Match Museum. Fika is available on Skansen Terrassen and Flickorna Helin in Skånska mine every day, and on weekends at Café Nyloftet at Lill-Skansen.

There was a skating rink on Skansen for a long time. Then you could go on natural ice on Sollidenplan, now Skansen has invested in a art ice facility to make it possible to skate a good way in the spring winter. Saturday, January 13, at 14.00, Skansen’s ice skating rink will be opened with show of Djurgården’s IF Konståkningsförening in time-typic clothing and to honor the day it is served blueberry soup to all skiers and spectators. The skating rink is open from January 13 daily and as long as possible, hopefully a bit into March.

On January 14th it is time for the premiere of this year’s circus performances with Circus Skansen in Bragehallen. Dress rehearsal on January 13, and then there will be performances every Sunday until April 22.

On January 27, you can participate in the Winter Run race competition – a competition on 5 and 10 km race on Djurgården with start, goal and turning at Skansen.

January is a quiet month but there is still a lot to do every day. Horseback riding with Skansen’s horses takes place every day from Bredablick.
Lill-Skansen, Skansen Aquarium and Snus and Match Museum are open every day in January as well as Älvrosgården, Statarlängan and Järnhandlarbostaden.
The carpentry factory in the city district is open monday to thursday all month and on weekends 6-7 and 27-28 January.
Fikar and lunches are done on Skansen Terrassen and at Flickorna Helin in Skånska mine every day and at Café Nyloftet at Lill-Skansen Friday to Sunday.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm