They aim to create the world’s nicest game festival

By on March 24, 2019
Anna Gerdén

The evening and night of May 18, the Technical Museum turns into a festival venue for games, play, seriousness, joy and celebration. “Play” will be the world’s nicest game festival – which brings together both live bands, laser sword fencing and lots of computer game experiences for anyone who loves games, under one roof.

During the Play Festival at the Technical Museum on May 18, the gaming companies Nintendo and BandaiNamco show up with gaming stations filled with old favorites and some completely new released material, and with the gaming club Syntax Error in place, the dance floor will be guaranteed speed. The artists Tekmann and Algar play 8-bit music live and the association Ludosport teaches laser sword fencing – which everyone who wants to gets to try out. There will be a club night with bar and extra open from 18 to 01, and during the festival the Technical Museum has an 18-year limit for visitors.

– We need to help each other to build a gaming culture that welcomes everyone, and the best way to do it is to act, be clear with what is valid and then we can have fun, play and party together, says Linda Sandberg. Together with Anna Westerling she creates the festival at the Technical Museum.

Creators in different media are also in place to tell about the game culture from different perspectives. The festival will be visited by the indie studio RawFury and Might and Delight, which create experiences that affect a digital world, the horror master Gunilla Jonsson and Michael Petersen, who have written the role play KULT, seriebook conversation with Sara Bergmark Elfgren and Karl Johnsson who have written and illustrated the series Road, and Make Equal and Sverok who invite to talk about how we build a better world.

Behind the play festival Play is Linda Sandberg, and Anna Westerling. Linda is program manager at the Technical Museum who has been involved in creating the computer game exhibition Play Beyond Play, arranged the museum’s MegaHelger and who worked with issues such as inclusion, norm criticism, democracy and gender equality. Anna is an expert in designing participant different experiences through events, parties, conferences, exhibitions, lajv and spectacular premieres.

– The human has played as long as she has been there, and today there is much that can be accommodated in the term “Play”. We take a close look at the similarities in the game culture and our common desire to play in different mediums. We let the different forms inspire each other and together investigate how we practice Play in the future, says Anna Westerling.

– There is a craving among adults to meet and experimented on the gambling, both about nerding, having fun, but also to talk about how we can change so that it gets better for those who are growing up now and taking over after us , we want to lift and create good role models in the area of ​​Play, says Linda Sandberg.

The festival night also offers danceoke (a dance version of karaoke), vegan pizza, beer, goodies, glitter makeup and of course huge amounts of gamepepp. The game festival is for anyone who loves games, but above all for anyone who wants fun.

Tickets are available here>>

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm