There are nuts and there are Talanda!

By on April 9, 2017

Candy PeopleSoft launched Talandas chocolate coated coffee beans at the beginning of the year. Now comes further five exclusive varieties of mixed nuts under the same brand. Talanda is Candy Peoples new brand in the nut segment. Unique to Talanda is among others that we do not use peanuts in our nut mixes. To get a different and better flavor combination we are instead first in the industry to mix natural and dry-roasted nuts in the same bag. A great taste experience that is a healthier alternative to other snack products as no E numbers found in the products.

Five exclusive premium products that must be tested! Three of the new features include: Luxury Mix, a unique blend of cashew, natural nuts pecan nuts, walnuts and almonds with and without shells. A fantastic and fresh flavor combination.

Spicy Mix is a mix of almonds with barbeque, jumbo corn and cashews flavored with salt and chili.

Almonds Blanched are lightly salted, crunchy, dry-roasted and blanched almonds.

Luxury Mix 120g, Spice Mix 150g and Blanched Almonds 120g can be bought at Coop and Citygross from v.14.

The two other varieties of Talanda are Pistachios, pistachios roasted and salted in 45g bag and Almonds, roasted and salted almonds, in 45g pouch that can be purchased at pressbyrån, 7-Eleven and Circle K from v.14.

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