Theme night: Dance as therapy

By on November 4, 2017

Dance therapists from the Swedish Association for Dance Therapy are responsible for an interactive lecture and a mini-workshop on dance therapy and its possibilities. Dance as therapy is a young and ancient tradition. Dance has always been used for ritual and healing purposes. The modern dance therapy (Dance Movement Therapy, DMT) retrieves its inspiration from the world of dance as well as from psychotherapeutic knowledge and recent research on the interaction between the body, the brain and the soul.

During the recent decade’s neuro research, evidence has grown that movement therapy has positive physical and mental health effects in different respects. Research studies have shown that dance and movement therapy can work as mood enhancing with the elderly and improve their functions. A specific example is its application to Parkinson’s disease. There is also support for its use for children and adolescents with various mental health problems. Because movement is our first language, it is understandable that movement can also bring us back to previous steps in our development.

Sunday 26/11 at 16:00 to 19:00 (including break with mingel)
Free entrance. No pre-booking. First come first served. Welcome!

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Helena Olofsson, Training & Health | Stockholm