The world’s most popular toy will attract tourists to Linköping this summer

By on March 3, 2018

Now the world’s exhibition The Art of the Brick comes to the Nordic countries, Sweden and Linköping. With 1 million LEGO pieces. 80 full-size three-dimensional sculptures and models as well as a creative space for adults as well as children. The exhibition is rated by the media giant CNN, as a “Top 10 Exhibit Attraction” among the world’s touristic exhibitions. The exhibition will be premiere at the Saab Arena on May 10, 2018.

The Art of the Brick has Nordic premiere in the Saab Arena, Linköping on May 10th. The exhibition is built by New York based artist Nathan Sawaya. LEGO® has never been synonymous with art, but Nathan Sawaya’s sculptures are high-tech and show his dedication in scale and color. A passion that transforms everyday toys, for millions of people, to masterpieces.

– I really look forward to coming to Sweden. The ambition is to welcome the highlight of summer for anyone who likes LEGO and art, says Nathan Sawaya.

Like most children, Nathan Sawaya started playing with LEGO at a young age. But unlike most children, Nathan never stopped building, creating and exploring his own imagination. He has been able to transform the iconic LEGO piece into modern art and transform the building into inspirational and thoughtful creations. With The Art of the Brick, Nathan Sawaya has inspired millions of art lovers and LEGO enthusiasts, of all ages, around the world.

The Art of the Brick, organized by Visit Linköping & Co in collaboration with Nordic Exhibitions & Events AB

The aim of the project is partly to increase the competitiveness of a rapidly expanding global visitor industry and to drive guests to Linköping, but also to offer the region a top-class summer experience.

– With pride, we can present that Linköping, the first city in the Nordic region, becomes the host city for this prestigious exhibition. With The Art of the Brick, we will get another travel guide to Östergötland in the top class, says Johan Rustan CEO at Visit Linköping & Co. We are also looking forward to developing Saab Arena as a meeting place in the summer, Johan continues.

– We hope that the exhibition will attract tens of thousands of guests from whole of the middle of Sweden. We know that there is a lot of interest in LEGO in general, and of course, hope that both the artistic and child families will visit the exhibition this summer. Art of The Brick is one of the most popular family exhibitions in the world, says Stefan Papangelis CEO Nordic Exhibitions & Events.

Time: 10 May-12 August
Location: Saab Arena, Linköping

Helena Olofsson, Travel