The Viking Museum is developing and presenting new content

By on September 18, 2019

The Viking Museum is developing and presenting new content. In the spring, the Viking Museum changed the name of the Viking Museum, having previously been called Viking Life.

The change of name was the starting point and now the museum presents a newly developed content with new exciting exhibits. The redesigned museum with a new name has been transformed into a more experience-based museum, built around how the Vikings lived and fought. Feel the scents of tar and dried fish, of spices from the distance and from the smoke of the fire. Here, the boundary between saga and reality blurs together.

In the redesigned museum, the myths and stories of the Vikings have gained a greater place in the exhibition and, as in the Viking Age, myth and truth are interwoven, without compromising credibility and historical accuracy.

New objects from different eras and life situations during the Viking Age have been borrowed from the Gotland Museum and the Sigtuna Museum to contribute to an increased historical foundation. The museum also has two specially designed DNA reconstructions of the Vikings Leifur and Estrid that show how the Vikings lived and worked.

At the museum, visitors can discover the Vikings’ stories and worldview. A life that was often tough and meant long trips at sea, looting and fighting. Here in the Nordic countries there were also traders, powerful women, craftsmen and slaves. The life and that era is the starting point for The Viking Museum.

– We offer a comprehensive exhibition that deals with more than just Stockholm. An experience museum, entirely about Vikings. We want visitors to have a feeling that you are eye to eye with the Viking era and that is why we have developed the exhibition with new exhibition parts, colors, smells and more storytelling, says Karin Sahlin, CEO of The Viking Museum.

On site there are knowledgeable guides who have their own special field in archeology, osteology or history and in this way, The Viking Museum creates unique displays that are suitable for both adults and children.

You will find the Viking Museum on Djurgårdsvägen 48 in Stockholm!

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