The views and insights: Thirty seven artists interpret Stockholm

By on May 8, 2017

From 19 May to 3 September can you at the Stockholm County Museum meet artwork made by thirty-seven artists who interpreted Stockholm – a summer saloon with Stockholm views.

The fact that there are endless ways to see at the city is clear in the exhibition. The artists have each created their version of Stockholm and its surroundings. They have worked with different techniques such as sculpture, painting, textile, drawing, mosaics, digital picture and photography.

Inspiration have they got from the artist Josabeth Sjöberg, who painted watercolors of Stockholm during the 19th century. She painted Stockholm then and the participating artists have painted Stockholm now. Some have come from interiors and some from views of the city, just like Josabeth did. The visitor will also be able to enjoy Josabeth Sjöberg’s painting in the form of a slide show.

In the exhibition you meet among other things embroidery by Essingen and Akalla, a photo collage with artist Lisbet Hemse, along with the 18th century artist Josabeth Sjöberg. Hammarbybacken painted and interpreted in a new vintage and drawing suites of the artists’ homes with views.

The artists participating are active in atelier that runs by Inuti who conduct daily activities for artistic talented persons with functional variations.

We discovered an important and interesting art business and wanted togehter with them examine how their interpretations of Stockholm would look like, says Annelie Kurttila, unit manager at Stockholm County Museum. We hope that the exhibition will give the visitor new perspectives on Stockholm, but also insights on the possibilities of art for all and sundry. There is free entrance which we always have for our exhibitions.


May 18th, 17:30 to 19:00. No pre-notification required.

Program for the evening:

Musei manager Christer Falk welcomes you.

Anneli Aaltonen Krantz, Artistic leader for Inuti, tells about the artists and Inuti studio.

The artist Anders Wettler conducting a performance.

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