The The Mediterranean Museum collections inspired for art exhibition

By on June 11, 2017

On June 16, image artist Kristina Janni Ståhl opens the exhibition at the Mediterranean Museum. In the exhibition, Kristina’s paintings meet the museum’s archaeological objects from the Mediterranean countries and the Front Oriente, which is housed in the old bank hall.

Kristina has worked during the year in place at the Mediterranean Museum and painted the objects as they are shown in their displays. The exhibition consists of five paintings, oil on canvas. The motifs are derived from details or fragments like Nefertitis crown, figures on ceramic vessels and a pearl net.

“Kristina Janni Ståhl is not an archaeologist and she views the objects of the collection with the artist’s unprecedented gaze. She lets the seen fragments be part of an alloy with the own painting body, a kind of slow painting meditation that goes deeper than any photographic imagery.
So old objects are so almost unimaginable that they once were part of a living context. Kristina Janni Ståhl establishes a dialogue with ancient times and craftsmen, several thousand years later, they receive answers as signals from a distant planet. “-
Extracts from the exhibition text by Peter Cornell, author, art critic and professor.

Kristina Janni Ståhl (born 1984 in Örebro) was educated at the Picture art academy’s painting section, Helsinki University of Arts, with a master’s degree in spring 2016. The exhibition at the Mediterranean Museum completes a further education at Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm. She works with oil on linen cloth with great interest and sense for the painting material. The painting process begins by basing the linen cloth and mixing its own oil paint of pigment and linseed oil. The painting is based on perception, and every work grows in an intuitive process where color and light largely control the artistic process.

The exhibition at the Mediterranean Museum will be Kristina Janni Ståhl’s first presentation in Stockholm. The Graduate exhibition took place at the Finnish National Museum 2015. Her works are in Uppsala municipality, Örebro municipality and at the Helsinki University of Arts. This summer she is also up to date with an exhibition at Konstfrämjandet Bergslagen, group exhibitions at Arnstedt and Carl Larsson farm.

– It’s fun that our collections have been able to inspire these paintings. It has also been rewarding to follow Kristina Janni Ståhl’s work during the winter and spring, which has made us look at our objects in a new way. Now it is our visitors turn to get the opportunity to approach our exhibitions through the art during the summer and look at the objects with new eyes, says Sofia Häggman, intendent at the Mediterranean Museum.

The exhibition will be displayed at the Mediterranean Museum between 16 June – 27 August 2017.

Vernissage on 16 June at 16-20 with opening speech at 16.00 at the Mediterranean Museum.

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