The subsidiary presents a fascist theater fest in gold

By on December 8, 2016

Iwona – Burgunder Princess was written by Witold Gombrowicz in 1938 in the shadow of fascism rampage. It is a play about power and subordination in a comic and absurdist form. Iwona raises questions about how everyone has the potential to commit terrible atrocities. You thought clowns were scary. This is frightening for real.

Subsidiary’s interpretation of Iwona is a modern clown performance, with eleven clowns on stage directed by Henrik Dahl. It will be a rough but playful call for readiness and clarity about our own dark sides, at a time when political movements with simple answers to difficult questions are gaining ground.

The troika Bergstrand, Åström and Persson is the Subsidiary’s artistic advice and initiator of the project. The director Henrik Dahl has been chosen with great care as he is one of few experienced clown directors – in addition has Dahl always a political stance in his projects.

The clown has a mandate to be honest, like old-time fools. We have chosen a very disturbing and serious play, with the clown it becomes fun, says Claes Åström.

As a clown you are always working with the contact. Contact with the audience, connecting with what is happening in the room and within yourself. The clown playing the drama but can also comment on the play and his own performance, explains Karin Bergstrand.

The clown shows us what it means to be human, and highlights shortcomings instead of hiding them. And hopefully we make the political personal, so the show is not just something you look at, but something which matters, continues Camilla Persson.

To help them the Subsidiary has a bunch of students from StDH / Stockholm University of the Arts, such as mime acting students and students from the Performing Arts Department. This makes it possible to as free group offer something extra: a large ensemble and stunning costume design, set design and mask. A theater party quite simply.

About the show
Scene: Guest Playing on the Theatre Tribunal
Ticket release: December 5, 2016
Premiere: January 14, 2017
Number of performances: 15 pieces

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