The star restaurant TAK is KRAV labeled

By on April 21, 2019

TAK has always focused on what is ecological and sustainable. Now the restaurant is the first in the Nordic Choice group to be KRAV-marked with a star. – It is important to think about working sustainably in all aspects. So for us, this means a lot, says Viktor Eriksson, Head of Operations at TAK.

As one of Stockholm’s largest restaurants, TAK wants to set a good example for the rest of the industry. The restaurant belongs to Nordic Choice and the sustainability concept is reflected throughout the Group.

– But we are the first restaurant that has been KRAV-labeled. This is something we have been striving for since we opened two years ago, says Viktor Eriksson.

In order to become KRAV-labeled, one has to have 25 per cent or 15 approved foodstuff as a restaurant. But TAK has always focused on organic and KRAV-labeled products. For example, they only use MSC and ASC certified fish. If a product is MSC-marked, it means that it promotes sustainable fishing.

Earlier this year, TAK launched a menu of only sustainable and MSC-certified seafood.

– It is a big problem with depleted water around the world and it is difficult to get hold of. Then it is important that you do it the right way and deliver things that are both good and sustainable, says Viktor Eriksson.

Hard to get KRAV-labeled. To become KRAV-labeled took TAK contact with Kiwa – certification that KRAV uses. They checked the restaurant’s products and raw materials to see if they were organic and KRAV-labeled. A follow-up followed a year later where it became clear that TAK still use the same sustainable ingredients.

Viktor Eriksson explains that it can be difficult to become KRAV-labeled as a pure restaurant.

– In Stockholm, it is mainly school kitchen that has been KRAV-labeled. There are tough margins in the restaurant industry and many organic goods are more expensive. Then it will also be an economic investment to work sustainably. So for us this means a lot to have accomplished this, concludes Viktor Eriksson.

Helena Olofsson, Food & Beverage | Norrmalm