The Sisters of Mercy live at Münchenbryggeriet

By on September 23, 2019

Bands that once meant everything to someone can never die. The Sisters of Mercy, one of the great rock’s great stylists, is one such band. With only three, albeit masterful, albums on their discography, it would be a clear exaggeration to call them productive.

But ever since the debut of First And Last And Always 1985, the band has continued to be relevant. Not least for the black-eyed who once found solace in their dancing, industrial rock. Now we can announce that The Sisters of Mercy will return to Sweden for three gigs this fall – September 29 at the Munich Brewery in Stockholm, October 1 at Trädgår’n in Gothenburg and October 2 at KB in Malmö.

Fans’ love for The Sisters of Mercy is tougher than a steel cap, despite the fact that the legends from Leeds haven’t released a studio album since 1990. The duration through the troubled years has been the band’s determined founder – singer and songwriter Andrew Eldritch – who, with his baritone voice, can evoke drama of epic dimensions. Along with his faithful weapon-bearer, the drum machine Doctor Avalanche, Eldritch has borne The Sisters of Mercy through record label riots and numerous membership changes. The current arrangement with the two guitarists Chris Catalyst and Ben Christo, who have both been with us since 2006, is actually the lineup that has been the longest.

Ahead of the 2016 US election, Eldritch promised that a victory for Donald Trump would be enough reason to justify a new record with The Sisters of Mercy, but despite Trump’s win, Vision Thing from 1990 still remains the band’s latest studio album. And although many listeners continue to hope for new music, love for Leeds own The Sisters of Mercy is about something completely different. It is about somewhere there in the darkness, among the flashing lamps, once again to see and hear the enigmatic Eldritch as he sings the darker shades of life.

Don’t miss out when Sisters of Mercy performs at Münchenbryggeriet Sunday 29 September 2019!

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