The Scottish band Texas is back – coming to Sweden

By on February 9, 2018

The Scottish band Texas is back. With 30 years on the neck and 40 million albums, Texas, the band that took the whole world by storm in the late 90’s, will come to Stockholm for a concert at Nalen on June 6th.

The tickets were released today.

Texas is one of Britain’s most successful bands and has sold over 40 million albums, including the “Summer Son”, “Say What You Want” and “Black Eyed Boy”, which were featured everywhere in the late 90’s. With the latest album from 2017 “Jump on Board”, the band takes us back to what we once remember. But in an updated form. The album “Jump On Board” is genuine, living, hot and old-school, in a good way.

The singer and front woman Sharleene Spiteri not only has charisma but also a voice that is better than ever. She herself says about the new music and the new age of life: “You just want your hands in the air, spinning around in circles, singing your head off. We’re a bit older, hopefully a little wiser and it’s just like, let’s sort things out, let’s not fight about things anymore”. 

She continues: ”Now I’m older I have peace of mind.’ I’m fifty this year and I do have peace of mind. I spent some time in India after our last tour, and it gave me some clarity around my life – I think that’s informed the lyrics on this record, maybe a heightened sense of tolerance, caring about people, awareness of others? I’m very sure of who I am. I’m very sure of what I want in my life. And who I want in my life. And I definitely know who I don’t want in my life!”

Texas is still delivering accurate and awesome pop music and we look forward to experiencing Texas live this summer. This will be magic – we dare to promise. Jump On Board!

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm