The Royal Opera celebrates the new year with the 50th anniversary of the Opera University

By on December 30, 2018

Round off 2018 and celebrate in 2019 at the best possible way. This year we celebrate – Opera’s soloists, Royal Hovkapell under the direction of Domingo Hindoyan – together with the Opera College, which has been an independent artistic college for 50 years.

Rector of the Opera College Anna Lindahl:

“We celebrate that the school has been an independent artistic college for 50 years. The Opera College’s dedicated teachers and students all work with their life’s greatest passion – opera. The education has over the years contributed to Swedish opera singers, such as Nina Stemme and Peter Mattei, as well as tonight’s soloists, being able to venture out into the world and enrapture the audience on the large opera house. Everyone who performs together on stage at the evening’s concert studies or has studied at the Opera College.”

The Royal Opera’s director Birgitta Svendén, who is also the concert’s host, has been both a student and principal at the Opera College:

“As principal of the Opera College, I wanted to examine singers with the opportunity to reach an international level. As an opera manager, I want to have the opportunity to hire singers from other countries. It is a way to widen the world for the audience.”

Birgitta Svendén’s hope is that the audience into the new year will bring with them “a strong feeling of being touched by something that is easy to grasp and which one wants more of in their life”.

In short – an unforgettable concert night with gold and glamor!

Since 1968, the Opera College is an independent university that educates singers, directors and repetiteur. However, the ancestors are much older than that. In 1773 Gustav III founded the Royal Opera. At the same time, the king started a Swedish opera training.

The Royal Opera is Sweden’s national scene for opera and ballet.

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Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm