The Royal Armoury show Gustav Vasa’s helmet in 3D

By on February 1, 2017

Gustav Vasa’s helmet with mask visor is one of the few remaining items that have been owned by King Gustav Vasa and is part of the king’s only surviving impressive armor.

The Royal Armoury work with digital exhibitions and the use of so-called photogrammetry, it is now possible to view, zoom in, twist and turn the nearly 500 years old helmet. And you can do it from your own computer, tablet or smartphone.

Photogrammetry is a technique where your snapshots are used as starting materials. These are then assembled into a 3D model with the help of special software.

Gustav Vasa’s helmet is dated to around 1540 and is believed to be beaten in Germany. The visor belonged not initially the helmet but is expected to be contemporary. The visor is a so-called mask visor shaped like a caricature of a human face. They were popular in the 1500s first half among Europe’s elite and is believed to have been worn with a full armor at the royal parades for comic effect. It is uncertain when or even if Gustav Vasa used the helmet, but perhaps he had it on himself to entertain his guests at any of the court’s many events.

3D increases availability

LSH (Armoury and Skokloster with the foundation Hallwyl) is at the forefront of making available collections digitally. Photogrammetry is another way to increase accessibility. Digital 3D models have many advantages and provides a greater experience for the audience in place, but can also be accessed from home by your own computer, tablet or phone. 3D models of objects may also provide increased opportunities for researchers to make available new knowledge. Also, the documentation and condition assessment of the objects, this technique could be an asset.

3D model of Gustav Vasa’s helmet with visor mask can see the Armoury’s website: http:

Producer of the digital exhibition is Sara Sandell.

For a deeper insight into LSH tests photogrammetry visit

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