The Romeo & Julia Choir sings Bellman

By on April 4, 2017

On May 14, inviting the Romeo & Julia Choir in to spring concert entitled Fredman’s funeral. Almost exactly 250 years after the burial of the real Fredman, who died May 9, 1767.

Fredman stands corpse and friends gather. In Bellman‘s world is life and death neighbors and Fredman’s funeral becomes a balancing act of intoxication mazes. In death’s white eye glimpses life’s passion, torment and comedy through Bellman’s music and lyrics.

Carl Michael Bellman is a national poet and a great Stockholm portrayer. He was the king’s favorite, and languages champion. But also the spirits slave and premature death without leaving something to their survivors. In Bellman’s texts reads us his own destiny. The passionate appetite for life and love of intoxication and drunkard violating paleness and poverty.

For 25 years has The Romeo & Julia Choir collaborated with the Royal Dramatic Theater and stretched the boundary between choir performance and musical theater. In anguish and desire takes now The Romeo & Julia Choir undertake Carl Michael Bellman in its spring concert. Brand new arrangements and the choir’s unique theatrical expression makes for a thrilling encounter at the Royal Dramatic Theater.

Lyrics and music: Carl Michael Bellman
Concept and direction: Benoît Malmberg
Choral arrangements: Britta Ingmarsdotter, Stefan Boström, Benoît Malmberg

Sunday, May 14, at 13:00, Main Stage

Culture & Music | Stockholm