The Romanian culture day is celebrated with music and poetry

By on December 31, 2017

Monday, January 15, at 18:00
Romanian Cultural Institute
Skeppsbron 20, Stockholm
Contributors: Dana Dragomir, Mathias Hellberg and Christian Fex
In Swedish!
Free admission!

January 15 at At 18.00 the Romanian Cultural Institute celebrates the national culture day with music and poetry. The evening pay attention to Swedish versions of Romanian literature from several genres, both lyric and prose, as essays and Romanian folk music in the famous pan-fly artist Dana Dragomir’s interpretation. Dana is an internationally renowned musician with Romanian origin, which in Sweden got her breakthrough with the title track of the film Mio my Mio. During the evening participates also Mathias Hellberg, which accompanies on the piano. The concert includes everything from popular classics, especially Romanian folk music, to musicals and movies, as well as international and Swedish pop.

There are readings: Vad jag älskade dig by Zaharia Stancu (Coeckelberghs 1976, in translation of Ingegard Granlund and Magda Ljungberg), Brancusi of Benjamin Fondane (Ellerströms 2005, in translation of Dan Shafran and Åke Nylinder), Apokalypsen enligt Cioran by Gabriel Liiceanu (Dualis 1997, translated by Dan Shafran and Åke Nylinder), Mamma som gud of Gabriela Melinescu (Albert Bonniers Publisher 2010), poems by Mihai Eminescu (in translation of Inger Johansson), Nina Cassian and Nichita Stănescu (in transfer of Dan Shafran ) and Läget of dramatist Ion Luca Caragiale (translated by Inger Johansson).

The Romanian Culture Day celebrates the national poet Mihai Eminescu’s birthday and has been celebrated since 2011. Eminescu (1850-1889) was a poet, prose writer and journalist with roots in romantic poetry and philosophy. He left behind an extensive work that is considered to have laid the foundation for modern Romanian language. In Swedish, Eminescu is translated with the “Över höjderna” selection (Symposion 1989), in Jon Milo’s interpretation.

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