The rival Nöjesfältet reappears at Gröna Lund

By on March 12, 2019

Between 1924-1957 a bitter battle was fought between two tivoli at Djurgården, when the ambulatory “Nöjesfältet” settled in the parking lot outside Gröna Lund. But what began as bitter competition ended with a wedding. This unlikely love story is depicted right now on the white canvas in the film “Eld & Lågor” and as a homage to its own story, Gröna Lund now lets “Nöjesfältet” in on a part of tivolit, only during the season 2019.

The unlikely, but true, love story behind the two competing tivoli directors children, Ninni Nilsson from Gröna Lund and John Lindgren from Nöjesfältet, is now depicted in cinema in the feature film “Eld & Lågor”. At the same time, one of Gröna Lund’s largest renovations is currently underway in modern times. A third of Gröna Lund’s surface will be rebuilt over a period of three years, to offer until 2021 both new environments, games, dining experiences and a new roller coaster. The construction area within the Tyrolerentrén will therefore be partly blocked off until the 2019 season, and infront of that they build up a temporary tivolio area with games, food and the new attraction Snake, which is only available on tivolit during the season 2019. What does not fit better than that as a homage to their own story, let the temporary tivoli area be transformed into “Nöjesfältet” for a season. The temporary area will be framed by portals against the other Gröna Lund. Visitors can pass freely between the areas, but inside the portals one moves to “Nöjesfältet”, where signs, environment, music, jugglers and new 5-game games completely breathe Nöjesfältet. Among other things, two completely new 5-game games are being built up in the area; Bonanza (a new rifle shooter) and Släggan (a classic strength test).

– The Gröna Lund that everyone knows today was formed by both Nöjesfältet and Gröna Lund through John and Ninni. Therefore, it feels quite right to let what still has to become a temporary tivoli area is transformed into Nöjesfältet for a season. I hope that we will be able to invite our guests on a groovy escape from reality, says Magnus Widell, CEO of Gröna Lund.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Djurgården