“The Realest” – new single from Kretsen feat. Madi Banja

By on April 17, 2017

Last Friday, producer and songwriter duo Kretsen (David Landolf and Noël Svahn) and Madi Banja released the single “The Realest” – their second official release and the first time we hear Madi Banja sing in English.

“Sometimes we hear so bad stuff that we just have to be part of it, in this case we got a vocal at The Realest and could not let go of how magic Madi Banja sounds. We just had to take it on and see where it could lead when Madi is one of the most inspiring artists in Sweden.”

David and Noël are two of Sweden’s most successful producers and songwriters (Cherrie, Petter, Linnéa Henriksson, Silvana Imam, Norlie & KKV, Vigiland, etc.). They have over 300 million streams for their music and ranked as the third most played songwriters in Sweden by STIM 2016. In addition, the Grammis nominations have rained over the duo, nominated nine times over the last four years – five times for this year’s song.
Listen to the song here >>!

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