The rapper Ozzy gives an exclusive concert at the Dramaten

By on January 17, 2019

Osman “Ozzy” Maxamed broke through 2018 with his debut album Ett öga rött and is nominated for no less than three grammys in 2019: This year’s hip hop, The Year’s text author and The Year’s newcomer. On February 28 he gives a concert on Dramaten at the Little Stage. The tickets are released.

Ozzy was recognized in 2017 with the song Askungen and the following year with the critically acclaimed album Ett öga rött, a title he borrowed from Jonas Hassan Khemiri’s novel.

Already five years ago, he described himself as a spokesperson for a new generation of Swedish rappers. Then there was a debut single on the way and he already had a reputation for being a sharp pen with a sharp perspective on life in Malmö’s Rosengård. He called himself Ozzy and had made music since his teens when he, as fiction poetry lover, channeled his young sorrow and anger by writing. At the Dramaten, his love for poetry and the Spoken word comes to be particularly evident.

Said in the press about Ozzy
The Malmö opera exceeds expectations with a great deal.
Sonic Magazine

Ozzys Ett öga rött is a brilliant debut with one of the country’s most original voices.

Ozzy’s debut album Ett öga rött does not fall into the square frame of your average rap album. It’s bigger than that. Color Stronger. Better.

A production from the Dramaten& in collaboration with Luger.

Ozzy, February 28 at the Little Stage.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm