The rape sensation NF to Sweden for his first concert

By on December 10, 2017

In 2015 made the Michigan rapper NF entry to the hip hop scene – and even three years later, the disc “Perception” landed at the first site of the Billboard 200 Chart and the success story is now a fact. The single “Let You Down” is one of the year’s absolute biggest hits worldwide, with over 146 million Spotify streams to date. Now is the time for NF’s first concert in Sweden: Friday April 13th at Fryshuset in Stockholm!

NF have had a breakthrough for real his year with the “Perception” record, but many fans have been on since day 1 and the first album “Mansion” from 2015. It was a record that brought the listener on a tour of Nate Feuersteins (or short and good: NF) thoughts, while the sequel Therapy Session (2016) analyzed and dissected these thoughts – and the year’s disc “Perception” that manifests NF as locked in a cell to which he himself possesses the keys.

NF describes the disc as follows:
“As I get older I’m realizing that I’m stuck in prisons that I created — that I’ve allowed fear to make decisions for me. You can’t actually kill fear, but you can manage it so it’s not speaking for you.”

There are songs that fans recognize and relate to. Texts that make the listener think and reflect. There are personal songs where NF opens up himself in a very self disclosure way.
“But the thing is, although it’s really hard for me to have a conversation with someone about personal stuff, to put it in my music feels natural.” – says the rapper.

Now all these songs will have a chance to be shown live. NF will be on a major tour – and the stop in Sweden on April 13th will be his first major concert in the country. We’re already craving!

Date 2018
13/4 – Fryshuset, Stockholm

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm