The Nordic Company takes the step into a new era

By on February 17, 2018

The Nordic Company in Stockholm is now launching a major renewal work aimed at strengthening its position as a world-class department store. The department store will be more luxurious, bigger and more personal. Agreements are already signed with four international luxury brands that will move into street level in the next year. In addition, NK grows for the first time when parts of Parkaden become warehouse premises.

The process of taking NK Stockholm into a new era is estimated to take three years and comprises 50 percent of the existing department store. At the same time, the department store grows by 20 percent, this through the conversion of office space in the NK house, but especially when parts of Parkaden on the other side of Regeringsgatan will be part of NK.

– Just as NK founder Josef Sachs expressed, we want to be a scene for the contemporary where the customer is constantly to be surprised and inspired. To us it is equally important to manage our heritage as we are constantly renewing ourselves. Retail has never been more dynamic and changing than it is today and therefore we are now making a major investment in NK Stockholm to be relevant to our customers now and in the future, says Bo Wikare, temporary CEO of Nordiska Kompaniet.

NK’s range will be strengthened with several international luxury brands. Two of them are Valentino and Balenciaga who settle in NK in the fall of 2018.

– We are very proud and happy that Valentino and Balenciaga choose NK when they will open in Sweden. This is just the beginning of the exciting changes that will take place in the street level where 90 percent will be converted when we are ready, says Andreas Edström, department store manager NK Stockholm.

Another big change is that NK will create a clearer destination for men’s fashion in the department store. This means, among other things, that NK Herrskor, NK Herrekipering and NK Manlig Depå will move up to Plan 2. In addition, five new departments will open on the master plan. Another investment in the range will be in sportswear that will have a considerably larger area and make up 60 percent of Plan 3. This is done to meet a younger target group.

A unique event in the history of NK is that the department store grows when parts of the parking garage, Parkaden are converted into department stores. Here, NK gets a brand new entrance and an escalator under Regeringsgatan that links the two sides of the department store. For the new department stores, the focus is on health, food and service. On the roof of Parkaden, NK has been granted a building permit for an outdoor gym where it is planned for running tracks, paddle tennis courts and a juice bar.

NK’s personal service has always been one of the main competitive advantages and is now even more accessible through the department store introducing hosts at each entrance. It will simplify the customer’s orientation in the department store. Parallel with the changes in the department store, efforts are made to develop different digital channels.

Helena Olofsson, Gadgets | Stockholm