The Neverly Boys debuts with the song “Burn, Hollywood, Burn”

By on November 23, 2017

The track is released via the newly launched record company Acid Moose.
The Neverly Boys consists of members Daniel Ledinsky and Dave Sitek. In addition to their relationship based on a long friendship, they have also written and produced songs for artists like Blondie and Pussy Riot. Earlier this year they formed the new group The Neverly Boys and wrote an album together. “Burn, Hollywood, Burn” is the first song released from upcoming debut albums.

Listen to “Burn, Hollywood, Burn” here>>

The track “Burn, Hollywood, Burn” is about the crushed future dreams on which Hollywood is based. The song was created before the disclosure of the sexual assault as recently reported, but at the same time the underlying dark emotion around Hollywood has always been there.

“I’m guessing most people who live here in Los Angeles can relate to that feeling of total hopelessness. This place sure creates some amazingly beautiful art, but it also has a tendency to use and corrupt you. Hollywood has attracted artists to come here to pursue their dreams since the 20’s, and a lot of people end up in a very dark place chasing that dream. I love this city for all its beauty, but it has always been a very hard and violent place as well “, says Daniel Ledinksi

The Neverly Boys group consists of David Sitek and Daniel Ledinsky. Sitek is one of the original members of the legendary indie band TV On The Radio, and has produced and written music for artists such as Kelis and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Svenska Ledinsky has a background as a singer, producer and songwriter, as well as founder of the record companies RAZZIA and FAMILY TREE. He has produced and written songs for world artists such as Cee Lo Green, Tove Lo, Shakira and Rihanna. David and Daniel are both based in Los Angeles Hills, CA, where they are currently working on their debut album.

About Acid Moose
Acid Moose is a newly created record label based in Los Angeles, USA, founded by Daniel Ledinsky. Daniel Ledinsky has a long history behind him in the Swedish music industry, where he started and ran the labels RAZZIA and FAMILY TREE in the early 2000s.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music