The National Museum and the Louvre in large exhibition cooperation

By on October 15, 2016

The National Museum and the Louvre makes joint exhibition of Carl Gustaf Tessin, which opens in Paris on 20 October. It contains an exclusive selection of 120 paintings and drawings from the Tessin collection and it is the first time that François Boucher’s famous Venus triumph is lent out. During spring is a revised version of the exhibition on to the Morgan Library in New York.

1700s is a highlight of the artistic relations between France and Sweden and French art exerted great influence in Sweden. Similarly, played the Swedish Count Carl Gustaf Tessin a not insignificant role in the French art scene in Paris during a short but intense period. Tessin was the Swedish ambassador in Paris the years 1739 to 1742. The contract touched secret political negotiations, but with lasting results, his extensive artistic contacts and many art purchases.
No other single collection created in Paris in the 1700s is as well preserved as Tessin. Today at the National Museum and is one of the museum’s treasures. It resembles art and art flavor development in the French capital during the Rococo highlight. An exclusive selection of the main works of Tessin’s collection, a total of 120 pieces, displayed at the Louvre in autumn 2016. The exhibition includes a richly illustrated catalog with different texts of Tessin and his collection based on new research. Exhibition collaboration between the National Museum and the Louvre is the first of its kind in many years. A slightly revised version of the exhibition then moves on to the Morgan Library in New York, where it appears in spring 2017.
The exhibition A Swedish in Paris during the 1700s shown at the Musée du Louvre in Paris from 20 October 2016 to 16 January 2017.
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